Handling Conflict Situations

Handling Conflict Situations

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Personal conflict occurs when two or more parties have opposing attitudes or approaches to a particular situation,issue or person.Sources of conflict range from a difference of opinion,problematic working conditions , or unrealistic work expectations to discriminatory behavior such as racism or sexism, poor communication, or noncompliance with organizational norms or values, therefore most organizations and individuals recognize the need to solve conflicts before they become destructive.This course examines the approach to personal conflict and is designed to help line managers handle conflict when it arises.

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The candidate should know how to introduce practical conflict resolution techniques and strategies that managers and team leaders can effectively utilize when managing conflict in the workplace.

Target Audience

The aim of this course is to provide conflict resolution training to equip participants with the skills , knowledge, and confidence to effectively manage conflict situations in the workplace, it is designed for all employees,members of a team, managers,and leaders.

Course outline

Current strategies for handling conflict in the workplace:


  • Recognizing conflict
  • Monitoring the climate
  • Looking into the situation
  • Handling the issue
  • Finding the way forward
  • Developing different styles and techniques for handling conflict.

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