Negotiation Techniques

Negotiation Techniques

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This seminar aims at proving that, even though it is extremely difficult to be a super-negotiator when you do not have some talent to start with, it is actually rather easy to be able to negotiate effectively on many issues of every day’s private life and of every day’s professional life. Those issues can either be related to selling or to solving conflicts.

This seminar aims at letting trainees learn the do’s and dont’s of a negotiation so easily that trainees would remember them instinctively, i.e. with minimum effort, when they need to negotiate about something with somebody.
This seminar does not claim to “transform” trainees into super-negotiators overnight.





In This Seminary You Will:

  • Be very flexible up to just before the “breaking point” of the negotiation.
  • Be always in a "negotiating mood" whether they are selling something or trying to solve a given conflict.
  • Think WIN-WIN.
  • Think long term whenever they are negotiating something.

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Course outline

In This Seminary Participants Will Learn:

  • The factors of effective negotiation (also differentiating those factors from the general factors related to good communication).
  • What is negotiable?
  • The R.E.S.P.E.C.T. process as the basic framework of any negotiation.
  • The Negotiation Process: Principles
  1. Understanding key principles of successful negotiation
  2. Examining the negotiation process: an overview
  3. Implementing principled negotiation
  4. Developing procedures for preparation
  5. Uncovering interests and objectives.
  6. Finding out what the other party wants and needs.
  7. Bringing your interests alive
  8. Recognize dirty tricks and tactics
  • Winning or losing: Identifying different approaches to reaching agreement. Reviewing the negotiation outcomes
  • What to do when faced with an aggressive negotiator
  • How to affect negotiation:
  1. Understanding your preferred negotiation style
  2. Identifying your own and others’ behaviors styles in the negotiation context
  3. Reviewing the key attributes of successful negotiators
  4. Utilizing successful strategies and behaviors in a negotiation event


  • Negotiation sessions:
  1. Uncovering interests
  2. Generating options and alternatives
  3. Trading concessions
  4. Packaging the deal
  5. Negotiating strategically for the long-term
  6. Building trust.
  7. Ensuring the agreements negotiated are conformed to
  • Always keeping “aces up the sleeve”.
  • When to stop negotiating (timing of the “kill”).
  • How to improve your negotiation techniques, i.e. how to work on your “Negotiating I.Q.”
  • Differences between negotiating as an individual or as a team.
  • Negotiation as a way of life.




Training strategy

  • Duration: 25 hours (3 full days).
  • Maximum number of participants in any training group: 14.
  • The training style will always be extremely interactive.
  • 40 to 60% of the duration of the sessions of any training topic will be used in exercises and/or role plays (in many of our training sessions, we will tape role plays performed by trainees on a digital camera and we will then show them during the session for detailed comments; we would also show speeches by world-leading trainers and lecturers or we would show scenes of films and comment them or do team work on them).
  • The language NBTS trainers will use will always be easy-to-understand Arabic and / or easy-to-understand English (but we can also train in French and Spanish).
  • A detailed guideline for each training topic shall be distributed at the end of the sessions related to that particular training topic. The guideline shall be distributed in CD format.
  • Certificates of attendance for each participant to each training topic shall be distributed at the end of the sessions related to that particular training topic.

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